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Software solution Cebas pyroCluster allows you to visualize the effects o

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Software solution Cebas pyroCluster allows you to visualize the effects of clouds and smoke for the systems 3ds Max 2008 - 2011 and 3ds Max Design 2009 - 2011. The movement of three-dimensional three-dimensional clouds is accompanied by automatic adjustment of shadows, and the image renderer takes minimal time. Besides, Cebas pyroCluster offers many opportunities to improve the speed and quality of the render. For example, pyroCluster Allows you to create maps of two shadows for a single light source. The product supports all standard light effects 3ds Max. Effects Cebas pyroCluster offers several ways to visualize, so that you can represent a variety of natural phenomena, including dense clouds with shadows, gas, solid and liquid objects, such as waterfalls and snow avalanches. By setting several parameters Cebas pyroCluster allows you to turn smoke and steam into stone surfaces and other solid landscape objects.

Features of cebas pyroCluster:

  • The particle system
Effects of fire, clouds, wind and smoke are built on the basis of a system of particles, which allows you to strengthen the turbulent movement inside the smoke or clouds. For each particle, it is possible to configure various animation parameters. Viewing and changing the dynamics is available in real time. The integrated motion analysis module allows you to track the movement and rotation of any part of the system.
  • Preview Effects
The application supports hardware rendering through graphics cards, which allows for fast adjustment of age, particle distance or any other parameter.
  • Gradient control
The program contains the function of replacing the color of each particle based on its age or remoteness from the light source.
  • Illumination from the inside
The lighting algorithm based on cloud density allows to achieve high accuracy when simulating the propagation of light from within this cloud. All aspects of lighting from the inside can be controlled in detail.
  • Independence of the type and settings of the shadow from the light settings
The application supports the ability to visualize individual light beams.
  • Professional support thinkingParticles, Mental Ray and PFlow
The program is compatible with all mechanisms of rendering 3ds Max. There are ray tracing effects such as reflection, refraction, caustic render effect.
  • Global lighting
The option is only available when using cebas finalRender . The function provides the effect of global illumination within the most atmospheric phenomenon.

Cebas pyroCluster 3.5

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