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Add-on "Analysis of the break-even of investment projects" - a tool for risk analysis, which allows you to assess the sustainability of the project to changes in the conditions for its implementation. It is used to evaluate investment projects and other financial models created in Microsoft Excel.

The analysis is carried out by the method of critical values. The add-in analyzes all project parameters and determines the most sensitive to changes. Thanks to an innovative algorithm for searching for source data, the user does not need knowledge of the structure and logic of the model in Microsoft Excel. It is enough to choose the final project indicator (NPV, PI, DPP, IRR, etc.) and the add-in will find all the data on which it depends. And then it calculates the limit values ​​at which the final figure will have a value critical for the project.

The use of the add-in significantly improves the quality of risk management that occurs when changes in project implementation conditions occur. The add-in will be useful at all stages of the project:
- During the development phase - will help identify the risks associated with changes in conditions. An innovative algorithm for searching for input data will reveal errors in the structure and logic of the model.
- At the approval stage, it will allow you to understand the level of risk and make an informed decision about the possibility of investment.
- At the implementation stage - it makes it possible to control the indicators of the investment project that are least resistant to changes.

Functions and specifications

The add-in provides the following functionality:
- automatic search of all initial data influencing the final indicator;
- Filtering the found data (by type, by value, hidden and visible cells and sheets);
- automatic search of names of initial data with the possibility of their editing;
- adjustment of the break-even criterion (there can be any real number);
- break-even analysis with calculation of financial strength;
- build a report with convenient navigation on the model.

The add-in has Russian and English interface languages ​​that can be switched in settings.

The trial version is valid for 10 days.

Technical requirements:
- Microsoft Excel 2007 (or higher) for Windows;
- .Net Framework 4.0 (or higher).

How to use the add-in

Open the financial model in Excel and select the cell with the final indicator. If the breakeven criterion is different from 0, then enter the desired value in the settings (tape / fincontrollex / Breakeven analysis / Breakeven criterion). Click the "Analysis" button (tape / fincontrollex / Break-even analysis / Analysis).

The add-in will begin to search for all the source data on which the final result depends, and will automatically determine the names of the indicators. At the end of the search, the main form appears with a list of the source data and its base values. By default, cells that contain numeric data other than zero are displayed. You can change the data filtering settings by clicking on the form button with the filter icon. Also, you can change the names of the found indicators by double-clicking on the name or pressing the F2 key.

Then choose the indicators for which the analysis will be carried out. To do this, in the basic form, select the required indicators by clicking on them with the Ctrl key or if you want to analyze all the indicators, then press Ctrl + A. Click OK. The process of analysis and report construction will start.

As a result, you will receive a report with a calculated break-even point (limit value) and a margin of financial strength for each benchmark.

How to use the report

The header of the report displays a hyperlink to the cell with the final indicator and a specified value of the break-even criterion. Clicking on the link will move you to the target cell.

Below is the table with the results of the analysis, consisting of five columns:
Cell - contains the addresses of the cells with the original project data and hyperlinks to these cells.
Name - contains the names of the indicators of the original data, found automatically or modified by the user.
Baseline value - contains the value of the original data indicator, initially installed in the model.
Value at breakeven point - contains the limit value of the indicator of the initial data, at which the final indicator takes the value equal to the break-even criterion.
Margin of safety - contains a relative value within which the original indicator may deviate, while the final indicator will remain above the breakeven point.

The original data in the table will be sorted by increasing the safety factor. Thus, in the top rows of the table you will immediately see indicators most exposed to risks, which are associated with changes in the conditions of the project.

Break-even analysis of investment projects 1.0

Added support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 Interface languages: Russian
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Delivery method: electronic delivery

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