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Lansweeper - a powerful tool for the inventory of software and hardware i

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Lansweeper - a powerful tool for the inventory of software and hardware in organizations and enterprises.

Main functions:
  • Software Inventory
    Lansweeper allows you to easily monitor and verify all installed software, create reports on the results of the inventory. Lansweeper identifies unknown software and developers directly from the web interface.
  • IT Asset Management
    Lansweeper provides an instant overview of all the equipment on your network.
  • License control
    Lansweeper allows you to automatically track the time, updates and the required number of licenses.
  • Network Inventory
    Lansweeper monitors all hardware, as well as changes in their configuration.
  • Integration with Active Directory
    Integration with the Active directory allows you to get information about users and computers in the domain, create reports based on OU, add user photos to the database, clean Active Directory, etc.
  • CMDB Configuration Management Database
    The CMDB configuration management database allows you to scan assets, manage them, manually add them to the web console and much more.
  • Inventory and Warning Event Log
    Lansweeper allows you to consolidate all errors from the Event Log and respond to problems in a timely manner, receiving alerts via e-mail.
Comparative version characterization:

Standard Premium Enterprise Consultant Support company
- Multiple domains or workgroups.
- More than 250 standard reports.
- Offline scanning LsPush.
- Integration with Active directory.
- Inventory of equipment: printers, routers, routers.
- Scanning of Windows, Linux and Mac.
- One Lansweeper server.
- Remote administration.
- All the features of the Standard version.
- Unlimited number of users in one company.
- Inventory of multiple domains.
- Inventory of Vmware and Hyper-V hosts.
- Inventory of SQL Server and SQL Database.
- Inventory of event logs and e-mail notifications.
- History of monitoring of software and hardware equipment.
- Other functions.
- All features of the version Premium.
- Multiple Lansweeper servers in several nodes connected to a central database.
- Load balancing of multiple scan servers.
- Scan several sites belonging to your company.
- All features of the version Premium.
- One installation.
- A personal license for one-time inspections in different companies by one incoming consultant.
- All the features of the Enterprise version.
- Up to 40 individual installations at customer sites.
- Up to 40 separate installations connected to the central database server.


Regarding purchase, please contact the sales department. Contacts in Russia: , (495) 232-5216, 8-800-200-22-33 Interface languages: English