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Fedora Is one of the most popular Linux distributions to date. The produc

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Fedora Is one of the most popular Linux distributions to date. The product deservedly enjoys the trust of users, combining such qualities as the relevance of programs and overall stability of work. Fedora has gained popularity as a distribution, which includes all the newest technologies in the world of Linux. The Fedora project is a test base for a commercial distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux : Before turning on new features in RHEL, they often appear six months-a year earlier in Fedora. Functional features of Fedora 18:
  • "Online Accounts" application providing centralized access to social network accounts;
  • Updated contact management, including "Online Accounts" contacts;
  • Integrated application DigiKam 2.0;
  • The last stable version of the D2 programming language;
  • GRUB2 loader;
  • A new numbering system for account identifiers;
  • NTP client and server application Chrony;
  • Mount ext2 and ext3 partitions through the ext4 partition driver;
  • Improved support for virtualization and cloud services.

Main software:
  • GNOME 3.2, KDE 4.7, XFCE 4.8;
  • The Linux kernel 3.1.0, GRUB 2, GCC 4.6.2;
  • DigiKam 2.0, blender 2.5;
  • Perl 5.14 including Unicode 6.0; Jruby 1.6.2; X.Org Server 11.1, Java 7;
  • LibreOffice, Firefox 7.0.1.

Fedora 19 for the i386 platform

Main changes:
  • Support for using Syslinux as an alternative simplified bootloader, which is convenient to use instead of GRUB in various cloud and virtual environments.
  • The possibility of using Syslinux instead of GRUB is added to kickstart. In addition, before the release in the installer Anaconda will be added a special hidden option by default for using Syslinux.
  • Support for the OpenLMI infrastructure to simplify the remote management of Linux systems.
  • The yum-fs-snapshot plug-in supports the use of LVM2 snapshots to roll back the changes when problems are detected after installing, updating or removing packages.
  • Integration of the printing system CUPS 1.6.0 and transition to the use of PDF as a basic format, instead of PostScript.
  • Engaging the Linux Kernel 3.9.
  • To accelerate the download, each hardware configuration now generates its own minimalistic image of the init ramf start ram ram containing only the necessary components. If you load on other hardware or significantly change the hardware configuration to recreate the initramfs, you need to boot the system in failover mode and perform dracut-regenerate-all-force.
  • Added additional protection against attacks associated with the substitution of typical files in the / tmp directory with symbolic or hard links.
  • The default check of the correspondence of the owners of the link and the destination file is included, and the specifics of the application of the links in the open-write directories are taken into account.

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