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Company & Investment Investment Technology & raquo; Was established in April 2004 in St. Petersburg. The founders of the company are individuals. The most important task of the company is the most complete satisfaction of the needs of people working in the stock market. To do this, it creates and is ready to create in the future information and computer trading technologies that can help a person:

  • in receiving income from operations in the stock market
  • in making investment decisions;
  • in getting information support
  • in reducing time when making investment decisions
  • in the effective implementation of investment decisions.

    Main activities of the company:

    • Development and creation of information and computer trading technologies intended for work on the stock market
    • Training in trading and investing
    • Advising on investment and trading
    • Information support when working in the stock market
    • Investing and managing money and securities
    • Conducting analytical studies

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