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& laquo; Vladster & raquo; & mdash; Is a fast-growing Bulgarian company, software developer for automating restaurant business, trade, services . Produced products are designed for efficient use in small, medium and even large enterprises.

The company's products are successfully distributed in Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, and have a multilingual interface.

& laquo; Vladster & raquo; specializes in development. NET solutions for automating business processes that allow you to monitor the process of managing the object at all stages and maintain detailed records.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, convenience and ease of use, there is no need to have special training to operate the system.

The main product & laquo; Vladster & raquo; is currently the IncoPOS software product, which serves as the Back Office and Front Office (waiter and cashier workplace) .

The company's goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that maximally satisfy the interests of consumers.

Website: . AzSoft distribute Владстер software licenses - contact us for partnership or to get best wholesale/retail price :

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items