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List of products by manufacturer Бюро рациональных цивилистов

The key competencies of the LLC & laquo; Bureau of Rational Civilians & raquo;:

  • Participation in complex projects for the acquisition of assets, including production (due diligence)
  • Legal support of transactions for the acquisition / sale of business, including participation in the negotiation process with counterparties
  • Development and implementation of legal models for investment projects "on a turn-key basis", including the development of template contract forms and internal documentation
  • Restructuring of ownership of assets in a group, taking into account international and Russian tax planning
  • Complaints and actions on behalf of the client, both engaged consultants, and on an ongoing basis (outsourcing)
  • Support of mergers and acquisitions, setting and conducting work on corporate governance issues, including the development of internal regulatory documents and the support of ISO certification
  • Conducting legal and tax examinations on issues of contract law, including the development of contractual schemes and contract templates
  • Building a system to ensure legal security of the business "on a turn-key basis", including the establishment and automation of workflow and the work of the legal service.


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