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List of products by manufacturer Ашманов и партнеры

The company "Ashmanov & Partners" was founded in 2001 by Igor Ashmanov, who at that time just left the post of executive director of the portal "Rambler." He was joined by several former developers and project managers "Rambler": Alexei Ivanov, Alexei Tutubalin, Kirill Zorky, Dmitry Pashko and Mikhail Volovich. Immediately after the launch, the company began providing consulting services in the field of information technology, the Internet and developing intelligent software products.

The company is engaged in Internet consulting, search engine optimization and contextual advertising since 2001. This is only one of the areas of our business, the other is the development of search and related technologies. Among the clients there are a lot of large companies demanding the level of service (including Bridgestone, Pioneer, Ozone, Raiffeisen Bank, Kodak, Sony and others), but by the same standards the company serves dozens of small companies.

The visibility of sites was developed by the company "Ashmanov and Partners."

"Ashmanov and partners" were among the first in Russia to start professionally engaged in search marketing, and we feel our responsibility for this market. Since 2002, we have held a conference dedicated to search engine optimization of sites and contextual advertising, monthly we hold our seminars on Internet marketing. "Ashmanov and Partners" is one of the organizers of the annual conference "Audience Management and Advertising on the Internet", and the distribution of "Website Promotion. Professional Expert Advice "is one of the Top10 most popular newsletters

For webmasters who independently promote their sites, a free program for search analysis of the site "Site-Auditor" and a service for monitoring the positions and effectiveness of marketing on the Internet "" is developed.


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