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& amp; amyro & raquo; & mdash; Developer of Amiro.CMS platform, effective and reliable site management system , allowing to create and maintain Internet sites of almost any degree of complexity.

The Amiro.CMS platform provides a set of modules (content, e-commerce, service), sufficient to fulfill 90-95% of the needs for functionality when creating sites. On Amiro.CMS works more than 9000 sites and more than 2500 online stores.

The main advantages of the platform:

  • Quick start of the project (modular structure, working demo site in the package, easy design integration, site settings in the control panel).
  • A tree-like site manager, visual editor, version control, layout display and navigation settings, advanced SEO tools.
  • A full-featured online store (a dynamic catalog with an unlimited number of categories, setting up sets and displaying data, exchanging data (1C), supporting product configurations).
  • Content management and site resources (news feeds, blog, forum, file archives, feedback).
  • Detailed documentation, user support and automatic update service


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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items