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List of products by manufacturer Recoveronix

Recoveronix , founded in 1998, specializes in developing solutions for restoring corrupted data from documents, files, databases and media. Recoveronix products provide the ability to recover information lost due to unintentional file corruption or accidental deletion. The manufacturer's programs return data lost due to complex failures such as the failure of the original application to open the file, the incorrect operation of the application when trying to open the file, the inaccessibility of backup copies of the corrupted file, the damage to backup copies / repositories, etc.

Recoveronix & mdash; Certified partner of Microsoft. The developer solutions work with all Microsoft application formats, more than 20 Recoveronix programs allow you to recover files created by Office, SQL Server, Exchange Server, etc.


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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items