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The authors' team of university teachers PhysCoD was established in 2004 with the support of the Regional Science and Technology Park & ​​Udmurtia & raquo; With the aim of developing a modern hypertext electronic physics textbook capable of intensifying the process of teaching physics. The result of the development is an electronic textbook, the database of which contains reference material on the whole course of mathematics, the basic course of physics of the secondary school and more than half a thousand tasks, each of which is provided with a full hypertextual explanation of the solution. The use of hypertext, provides a full understanding of the explanations for solving problems, even in the case of weak initial knowledge of the subject. The textbook is able to verify the correctness of the solutions of the problem in a general form, performed in different ways, to find errors and to indicate their nature.

At present, the textbook has no analogues neither in Russia, nor abroad. Working with the textbook is effective, simple, intuitive, the kind of formulas written on the screen corresponds to the recording in the notebook. The creation of the formula is accelerated through the use of an intuitive, easy to execute set with minimal use of the keyboard.
The use of the textbook has shown it to be highly effective at preparing for the exams & nbsp; entrance exams & nbsp; in & nbsp; universities. The textbook is especially effective in teaching the solution of tasks of section C of USE tasks and in conditions of acute shortage of time.

The main results of the development are published in scientific articles of the All-Russian and International conferences.


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