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MyKiT - My Set of smart programs for home and office

MyKiT is a young Russian company in the market of software and computer equipment.
The company was formed just a few years ago and is now actively developing.

MyKiT's goal is to free people from routine operations and help with processing and storing information. It is for this that our projects are created.

In our designs, we always strive to create the optimal balance between simplicity and functionality.
We use a standard and intuitive interface that allows the user to easily enter and analyze data.
All of our programs contain the & quot "Artificial Intelligence" module, which automatically processes all entered information and becomes your personal assistant.

MyKiT distributions are a complete set of tools for solving home and professional tasks.
Our programs will help you both at home and at work.
We always have the right tool in our set!


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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item