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Moscow Business School today is:

The permanent composition of teachers and coaches, known in Russia and abroad for their achievements in subject areas. Professional staff of successful experts, consultants, top managers of large corporations attracted to the training process - more than 100 best professionals from Russia and European countries, more than 100 seminars held every month, 100% thematic coverage of Russian business needs in the framework of short-term vocational training programs .

More than 100 multimedia trainings in the form of video seminars in conjunction with the system of distance education.
A modern distance education system (IBM solution).

Moscow Business School today is, first and foremost, a highly professional team of interesting people: managers, managers, trainers and practitioners, communication with which during the training gives listeners a new charge of energy, new knowledge and ideas. Today we have companies that are leaders of Russian and Western markets.

Being the source of the best world knowledge, a source of new bright ideas and a source of inspiration, we create the foundations for Russia's breakthrough innovative development, enhancing the competitiveness of our country in national and world markets.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 105 items