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Grizzly Pro & mdash; Is a modern company in the field of information security, a close-knit team of young people with education and rich experience in & nbsp; IT-technologies and having a modern look at information threats and methods of dealing with them.

Modern technology giant steps are introduced into the life of modern man. Everything that was created 10-15 years ago seems to be ancient. To date, a person does not represent his life without information, without information technology. Keeping this information he trusts the computer, smartphone, tablet. And this information is susceptible to malicious programs of the modern type with which antivirus programs of the past decade or five-year period do not know how to cope.

Currently, modern defender is needed to combat modern malicious threats. & Nbsp; Antivirus Grizzly Pro & mdash; It is a product created on the basis of a thoughtful interface, which will be convenient for both advanced system administrators and newcomers who have just mastered the computer. The company has developed the possibility of using one activation key on different devices. The advantage of Grizzly Pro is the effective protection of your device with a high simultaneous & nbsp; Availability.


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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items