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List of products by manufacturer ESTIMap

Main activities of the company:

- Distribution and technical support of MapInfo Corporation software products: Russian and international versions of the full-featured MapInfo Professional GIS, the language for creating MapBasic applications, the spatial data processing module on SpatialWare network servers, the MapX application development library, the MapXtreme mapping application server

- Distribution of software applications on the basis of MapInfo - Chrono for solving transport problems, Cadastral Office for Cadastre management

- Distribution of related software - converters, vectorizers, programs for transformation of raster and vector layers; Distribution of data in MapInfo format - maps of Moscow, Russia, the world

- Distribution of Blue Marble Geographics products - GeoTransformer raster image processing software and data conversion program for various projections and coordinate systems GeoCalculator

- Distribution of Marconi Company products: Vertical Mapper 3D analysis module, dBPlanner radio planning systems, 3D VirtualFrontier and Pavan reality

- Distribution of Earth Resource Mapping software - ER Mapper remote sensing data processing systems.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items