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List of products by manufacturer cebas Visual Technology Inc.

The Canadian company cebas Visual Technology Inc. is the developer of solutions for 3D animation studios and visual design companies. The vendor's offices are located in Canada, Australia, Germany and Russia.

Technologies cebas & mdash; One of the leading on the market & mdash; Developed in response to the needs of modern movies and games in creating realistic and spectacular visual special effects. Software cebas, on the one hand, allows you to make 3D effects impressive, and on the other hand, & mdash; Observe physical and natural laws. The company's products were used in the creation of the films & laquo; Harry Potter & raquo; , & spid; Spiderman 3 & raquo; & laquo; 2012 & raquo; , & laquo Alice in Wonderland & , & Illegal Reception & raquo; and games Classic Transformers , Command and Conquer , Star Craft , Tomb Raider , and Wolfenstein .

To date, cebas tools are actively used to convert movies to stereo-3D. For the first time, this technology was implemented in the latest series & laquo; Chronicles of Narnia & raquo; , and then improved by contract with the Hollywood special effects studio Pixel Magic , which selected the development for conversion to stereo-3D movies & laquo; Harry Potter & raquo; .

The primary partner of cebas is Autodesk , for which programs & mdash; 3ds Max and Maya & mdash; The vendor has been creating numerous visualization modules for 3D effects for several years.


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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items