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List of products by manufacturer 1C

Founded in 1991. "1C" - a purely Russian company with a staff of more than 700 people, based solely on their own professional success.

"1C" delivers from its warehouse a wide range of programs for the office and home, currently numbering more than 10,000 positions.

Among the own developments of the company "1C" are the most well-known programs of the "1C: Enterprise" system, as well as products for home computers and education.

The 1C: Enterprise system is designed to automate the management and accounting of enterprises in different industries, types of activities and types of financing, and includes solutions for manufacturing enterprises (a comprehensive 1C: Enterprise Management Enterprise 8 solution), trade enterprises, Products for accounting ("1C: Accounting"), for accounting in budget organizations payroll and personnel management, a variety of industry and specialized solutions, developed by both the company "1C", so And its partners.

The key direction of the development of the program system is the development of a new generation of management and accounting solutions on the technological platform "1C: Enterprise 8" and the implementation in them of powerful functionality designed to organize the management of a modern enterprise.

"1C" pays much attention to programs for home computers and educational sphere. Among the most famous of its own developments are the series of training programs "1C: Tutor", "1C: School", "1C: Computer World", "1C: Educational Collection", "1C: Cognitive Collection", 1C: Audiobooks series, games "IL-2 Sturmovik", "IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles" and "Pearl Harbro", publishing projects "Vivisector", "Behind Enemy Lines", "Lock On." Hot rocks "," Blitzkrieg 2 "and others.


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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items