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List of products by manufacturer ТБН-СОФТ

The main activity of the company & la; TBN-SOFT, , created in 1997, is development and implementation of application and system software , including: >

  • development of terms of reference and technical design
  • supply, installation and maintenance of personal computers and other equipment
  • supply, installation and installation of network equipment - creation of local area networks
  • development and implementation of application and system software
  • commissioning, training and commissioning of the system
  • maintenance, operation and maintenance of information systems

    The company "TBN-Soft" specializes in creating:

    • large corporate systems that unite remote enterprises, branches and services into a single information and telecommunications space
    • information systems that unite all spheres of the Customer's life from a complex financial and accounting task and production activity to automation of technological processes and emergency dispatch service
    • systems associated with a single cartographic basis of the region, to obtain information in the form of a multi-layer map of the location of houses, communications, engineering structures and any other objects
    • systems integrated with regional and city information databases and processing tens of millions of records of information


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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items