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The research and production enterprise (SPE) "LOGUS", founded in 1991, specializes in the creation of integrated information systems for preparing management and design decisions in the field of environmental protection. Software products SPE & quot; LOGUS & quot; Are widely known not only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also in the CIS countries.
Main activities:
  • Development and implementation of integrated information systems that support the solution of tasks in all main areas of environmental protection: accounting and control, modeling, analysis and forecast of the development of the situation, project appraisal and management, technical, technological and investment decisions at the enterprise / industrial level Association / city / region.
  • Development of calculation programs for design organizations that solve the problem of determining permissible environmental impacts.
  • Construction and implementation of an information system for the environmental management of enterprises in accordance with the current environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and the requirements of the GOST R ISO 14000 system.
  • Maintenance of information systems and their adaptation to individual customer needs.
  • Development of projects for maximum permissible emissions (discharges) of pollutants into the environment, waste generation standards and limits on their placement.
  • Carrying out summary calculations of atmospheric pollution.
  • Authorized training in information technology in the environment.


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