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List of products by manufacturer Криптоком

& Cryptocom & raquo; specializes in the creation and implementation of cryptographic information protection (CJS).

The company has existed for 11 years and has extensive experience in developing tools for cryptographic protection of information and certification of these products through the FSB. Among the developments of the company & laquo; Cryptocom & raquo; & Mdash; Creation and support for 10 years of the MagPro software package for MRC, intended to provide cryptographic protection of electronic documents in the automated system of bank settlements of the Moscow region, serviced by the ICC with the Bank of Russia. This software complex serves more than 700 Russian banks.

& laquo; Cryptographic & raquo; Participates in a number of Open Source projects on the development of cryptographic protection tools: OpenSSL, PostgreSQL, XMLSec. Employees of the company & laquo; Cryptocom & raquo; The task of adding Russian cryptoalgorithms to the Open Source library of OpenSSL was solved, the work with RFC 4490 protected messages, the functionality of PKI by RFC 4491 and the TLS cipher based on Russian algorithms was implemented. It was taken part in the creation of the Russian passport and visa system for the issuance of documents of a new generation (LDPAP) in the field of information security. The company has experience in reconciling normative documents for the protection of information in the FSB of the Russian Federation.

Cryptocom's specialists, together with experts from ICANN, ISC, NLNetLabs, NeuStar, have worked to adapt the DNSSec protocol to the standards in force in the Russian Federation. One of the results of this work was the preparation of the draft IETF standard and its publication.


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