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What is & makqu;; Matemyau & raquo;

This is a set of applications that inspire children to learn math, learn math and help develop mathematical abilities. First application & mdash; & Laquo; Mathamiau M & raquo; & Mdash; Checks the knowledge of the multiplication table.

Why did we create it?

To provide a family based business, based on principles.

What is a & laquo; business based on the principles of & raquo;

This is a business that does not give up principles for profit. This means that this business has two goals: profit and principles. In Russia, this business is often called "social entrepreneurship".

What are the principles on which the game is based? Mathemyau & raquo?

1. Mathematics & mdash; It's fun.

2. Science & mdash; This is the key to great adventures.

3. Promoting the idea of ​​useful pastime for children on a mobile device.

4. Competition between countries can benefit everyone when we inspire each other for the best, for great achievements, for example, the exploration of outer space during the Cold War.

5. Do not exploit children by luring them into the game, and then constantly pulling out money from them to reach a new level or purchase & amp; improvements & raquo ;. & Laquo; Mathamiau M & raquo; Gives access to all functions for one low price.

Who are the creators?

Family and friends:

  • Ivan Komarov (father and developer): PhD in economics (PhD, USA), 15 years of IT experience in Russia, school activist
  • Sarah Lindemann-Komarova (mother, writer and manager): 22 years of experience in the development of civil society, the founder of the movement of public schools in Russia and the founder of the Siberian Center for Support of Public Initiatives.
  • Karolina Komarova (daughter, the last word in the development of the game): 5y & laquo; mathematical & raquo; Class.
  • Morsean (cat, the main character of the game): for 15 years has proved to be an excellent catcher of birds. Expert on sleeping.
  • Roman Revutskiy (friend, composer): solo performances around the world, music for films
  • Irina Lukyanova (friend, artistic translation): teacher and writer.


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