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List of products by manufacturer Институт Консалтинга

The company & laquo; Consulting Institute & raquo; (Instcons) specializes in creating innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of companies. The company creates software products that combine a wide range of tools, both widely known and authoritative, that allow you to plan, conduct and analyze the work of developing human resources of organizations of any scale from different industries.

Since 2007, the main focus of the & nbsp; & laquo; Consulting Institute & raquo; Is the development of sales units and consulting top management. The & laquo; Consulting Institute team & raquo; Consists of specialists in management, economics and HR. & Nbsp; By 2010, the company systematized its experience and packed it into unique software products that enable top management to achieve a European level of work in Russia from its subordinates & mdash; Discipline, responsibility, dedication, aspiration for development.

Technologies and techniques developed by the "Kultaling Institute" & raquo; For today are among the advanced not only in Russia, but also in Europe, and often have no analogues. In connection with the active interest in our activities of European consulting companies, in 2012 the office in Tallinn began to operate.

The company's clients include large industry holdings, HR units, consulting companies and training centers. With & nbsp; & laquo; Kontalting Institute & raquo; They were able to get not only tangible financial profit, but also to realize the goals of uniting the organization, to increase the motivation of employees and their involvement.


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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items